Liz Bucher

About Me

graphic + web designer and front-end developer

in the Phoenix, AZ area. I still haven't decided whether I like designing or coding better,
but I'm happiest when I have the chance to do both.

job experiences

Since graduating college in 2009, I've had a variety of job experiences - first I designed all signage and posters for Made in Oregon for four years, and this my first graphic/web design-oriented job. Then I moved to Vegas and got a job working with a custom products print manufacturer. I took care of a great deal of the marketing materials and also designed stock artwork to be printed on drinkware.

After that, I got my first user interface designer job at a startup, where I worked on not only UI design projects but lots of front-end development stuff. I learned a ton at this position and was there for two years.

Now I am working for another startup setting up Wordpress sites (with some custom WP development) but also doing a lot of other stuff, like customer service, tech support, and discovering ways we can improve our product to our current and potential customers. I have learned a lot about Wordpress, internet marketing, and running a business here!

life and interests

I have a passion for a BUNCH of different things, and my life has always really been about figuring out myself and sorting through what I really want and why. Understanding who I am and what anything means. I'm a philosopher at heart, compassionate, a lover of languages, art, an exercise addict, a continual learner, true coffee addict, computer and comp/video games lover, as well as a nutrition and exercise student.

Other than that, I try really really hard at everything I do and have a lot of integrity and a good work ethic.

I love to chat so don't be afraid to drop me a line.

so, what's syujibanana?

The name Syujibanana doesn't mean anything important. Sorry, I have nothing to show for it. It's just a computer alias I thought was awesome and now use on all my computer games.